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Your investment partner for the long term.

We understand that not all advice practices have the same needs and sometimes they require a tailored solution. That is why we offer different bespoke packages that can be adapted to fit your practice needs.

Our custom solutions have a minimum FUM requirement, but we have different options that can accommodate most practice sizes. We view this as a long-term partnership, and we want to simplify your managed account investment journey and your clients’ transition as much as possible.

Full bespoke portfolio

This is a private label portfolio. It can be tailored to reduce fees or to make it easier for your clients to transition to a managed account. This can involve:

  • Investment committee participation and assistance with your compliance requirements (investment philosophy, investment committee charter and AA policy).
  • It also comes with customised communication and access to our goals-based advice tools.

Bespoke communication

This package offers you:

  • Monthly reports on portfolio performance with your brand guidelines.
  • A personalised drive for your practice and the option to put your brand on various marketing documents.
  • We can also help you with your investment philosophy and give you access to our tools for goals-based advice.
You can easily adjust this package to fit your needs.

Bespoke service levels

Our services are flexible and can be tailored to suit your practice's needs. This may involve:

  • Frequent webinars with one of our portfolio managers, regular investment committee participation and client events or webinars.
  • We also have packages for self-licensed groups that help comply with their licensee obligations, as we are very experienced in licensee research.
We can also adjust these service levels according to your needs. 

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