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Our Approach

Transforming financial aspirations into achievable realities.

We have spent decades listening to financial advisers and innovating our services accordingly. The result is reliable investment portfolios that are designed to work with investor behaviour; rather than against it.

The Innova Difference

We empower people to achieve their financial goals.

Consistent Investor Outcomes

Behavioural Investing Framework

Risk Managed Portfolios 


What We Offer

Behavioural Investing 

Our goal-based approach to investing focuses on behavioural factors, which help us understand how emotions can influence financial decision making. Our risk-defined portfolios are designed to work alongside our goals-based advice framework to minimise the likelihood of value-destructive behaviour. Read More

Traditional Investing

We understand that a traditional approach can sometimes be preferred. So, we have designed a suite of portfolios to fit within a traditional advice framework. Powered by our distinctive approach to risk management, these portfolios were launched in 2012, making them one of the longest running multi-asset managed accounts in Australia. Read More

Sustainable Investing

For those that want to drive real-world change through their investments, we offer portfolios with a focus on environmental and social sustainability. These are profit-for-purpose portfolios that have allowed us to forge partnerships with leading Australian Charities, to create a more direct impact across the sustainability causes we care most about. Read More

Bespoke Solutions 

We offer a range of bespoke solutions for Advisers seeking a strategy customised to their practice. This includes bespoke communication packages, an individualised service offering or a tailored portfolio solution. How the pieces fit together can be customised to the needs of your practice. Read More


Not all risks are compensated. Invest in those that are.

Our process is about taking calculated risks by understanding the various drivers of risk and return inherent in every asset. A diversified portfolio should be constructed based on the drivers of return and not simply by asset classification.

Driven by data and grounded in academic research, we have the track record to show that our process is reliable and effective under diverse market conditions.

Education Center

Portfolio Construction: Avoiding Bad Behaviour

Category: Behavioural Investing

This white paper explores the outcomes of poor investor behaviour that our biases can drive, and examines the ways advisors can better connect values goals, and risk, to drive better advice outcomes. 


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