But Behaviour Matters More

This is why we provide a comprehensive advice framework to support our managed portfolio solution that better aligns with investor behaviour. By leveraging our expertise, you can focus on managing client behaviour, ensuring your value extends beyond traditional product selection. Our approach simplifies your advice process and allows you to dedicate more time to what truly matters – your clients

The Innova Difference

Investment decisions are not meant to be easy decisions.

We manage your client’s money proactively using a data led, academia backed, proprietary built process.

We analyse hundreds of historical data sources and have rigorously tested our process to ensure that we have conviction in our investment decisions.

Partnering with us makes hard decision making, easier.


Risk Defined Managed Portfolios

Sustainable Future Portfolios

Goal Simulator application

Traditional Managed Portfolios

Bespoke Custom Portfolios

Our Solutions

At Innova we have all of the pieces of the puzzle to deliver an end to end solution to your practice or dealer group. How the pieces fit together very much depends on your practice and the end investor.

At Innova we believe the solution should start with the investor first and should focus delivering an outcome that best fits their objectives.

The investment solution is the final piece of the puzzle, it is how you will get to your destination, but is not the map to getting there.

Who We Are

We are a 100% staff owned company and our core team has been working together for many years, with Dan Miles and Dinyar Irani founding the business in 2010. 

We believe the numbers should lead the process, therefore our quantitative framework acts as our investment compass and our experienced investment team determine how best to get there.

We have a strong track record in managing risk and have managed client money successfully through different market cycles, never deviating from our investment process.

“Innova have been part of our business since the early 2000’s and we have been through every type of market cycle with them, including the GFC.  Through the tough times, they have always stayed true to their core beliefs and helped manage risk in our clients portfolios.”

Ryan Dobbrick, 

Dobbrick Financial Services