Innova is pleased to announce that after two years of collaboration on a number of investment research projects, Mike Aked has agreed to join Innova’s Investment Research Committee.

Mike brings with him an impressive track record of investment and research experience at SunSuper, Global Head of Asset Allocation with Research Affiliates responsible for the management of PIMCO All Asset All Authority fund, and now Senior Investment Strategist at Scientific Beta.

In regards to his decision to join Innova, Mike shared his perspective:

“Innova has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to innovative solutions, exemplified by the recent launch of their risk-defined suite of portfolios. While evidence-backed, risk-focused portfolio management are well-established across the US and Europe, the combined knowledge of academia and practitioners in the quantitative investment field has yet to developed in Australia, for Australians.  I am delighted to be partnering with Innova, as their unwavering dedication to delivering optimal outcomes for clients, supported by rigorous research and free from preconceived biases, aligns seamlessly with my personal beliefs and philosophy. Moreover, this collaboration offers me the opportunity to leverage and expand upon the research we have already conducted.”

Dan Miles, reflecting on Mike’s appointment, expressed his enthusiasm:

“We are delighted to welcome someone of Mike’s exceptional quantitative and investment calibre to our team. Over the past two years, we have collaboratively worked on ground breaking research projects, and we are excited about the future of our research efforts, driven by Mike’s evidence-based approach and the practical implementation of our findings. Professionals of Mike’s quantitative ability, academic credentials, and investment experience are indeed a rare find. Therefore, we are highly enthusiastic about this partnership and the prospects it holds for us.”